eTwinning Projects

Project "Connecting Kids"

Activity 1. About me

Use the VOKI tool to create individual digital presentations. If possible record your own voices.

Our class VOKI are here!

Project "My beautiful country"

Activity 1. Our school

Use the tool below to collaborate and write your text on your school. You can correct and improve your classsmates’ text as well. Use some photos or videos to add to your text.

Click and view the tutorial to help you!

Our class group work:

Activity 2. Our hometown

Our school is located in Alhandra near two large cities Vila Franca de Xira and Lisbon. These two cities are major cultural references for our students. Our class will focus on the city of Vila Franca de Xira.

Work in groups and use the tool below to collaborate online: click on Authors and then share the link with your classmate.

Click and view the tutorial to help you!

Our class group work:

Activity 3. Research on our partners' countries

What would you like to know about your partners’ countries? 

Do some research on one of the countries involved. Find out the natural beauties and cultural places/aspects of the country you've chosen to work on in your group.
Then share your ideas and thoughts by use the brainstorming tool TRICIDER on eTwinning platform!

Activity 4. Interaction Our School, our Culture, our Country, our Environment

Work in groups and do some research on environmental issues in Vila Franca de Xira. Then make a video about it!
You can choose the tool you want to! But if you have no idea, use Voicethread! 

Click and view the tutorial to help you!

Group 3 - Maria Inês, Pedro C. , Soraia

Group 5 - Catarina, Maria R, Margarida S., Patrícia

Group 6 - Margarida P., Pedro R., Rita; Tomás

Then search for information about one of our most precious natural beauties: The Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve. Let's create a slide show with the diversity of animal and plant species in the Natural Reserva. Each group will contribute with 4 defferent species.

Our class slideshow

This is the final class presentation

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